10 Foods That You May Not Know Do Not Belong In Your Refrigerator

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People are fond of putting almost everything inside the refrigerator out of fear that it will become stale or spoiled. The fact is you don’t need to store everything in your fridge. That’s because there are some items which can be easily ruined by cool temperatures or dry air, and they’re better off outside your refrigerator.

Below are some of the most common food items that often get mistakenly refrigerated. You’re sure to find at least one item on this list that you’ve been keeping in the fridge unnecessarily!

1. No need to refrigerate farm fresh eggs for the first week. They do belong in the fridge though if they aren’t farm fresh.

2. The dry environment of your refrigerator will make bread become stale faster. Put it in a bread box instead.

3. Cakes become dry in the fridge so just eat it fast or wrap it up and leave it on the counter.

4. Whole melons stay fresh and juicy out of the refrigerator.

5. Bananas spoil and become brown faster when refrigerated.

6. Never put fresh potatoes, whole onions, or fresh garlic in the fridge if you want them to last.

7. Pickles are preserved so you don’t need to store them in your refrigerator, unless you want cold pickles.

8. Soy sauce has natural ingredients that will keep it from spoiling even when it’s out of the fridge.

9. Keep maple syrup in the cabinet because putting it in the refrigerator will make it gritty and cause it to break down.

10. Keep your hot sauces out because they contain vinegar and acid which will preserve them.


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Who would’ve thought that so many commonly refrigerated items could last longer at room temperature?