These 11 Countries Have The Healthiest Diets In The World. #2 Will Surprise You

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One of the keys to a longer and healthier life is diet. The kind of food you eat can contribute greatly to how long you’ll stay in this planet. Nutritional values of foods vary, but experts agree that a diet consisting of a lot of processed foods and rich in preservatives is one that’ll likely shorten one’s lifespan.

On the other hand, a diet of organic, fresh, and natural foods will not only make you healthier, but can also lead to a longer life. Below are the top-ranked nations for having natural and unprocessed foods.

9. The Netherlands

This plate may not look all that healthy with the pile of carb-heavy potatoes and the fatty sausages, but their potatoes and even their sausages have little or no preservatives.

8. Spain

Fresh local produce and abundant seafood contribute to their diet which mostly consists of meals made from scratch.

7. France

Moderation is key. They eat small portions, and the most of the wines and cheeses they’re known for loving are all-natural and easy on the digestive system.

6. Kuna Indians in Panama

They only eat foods that are grown locally, none of which contain preservatives.

5. Denmark (tied)

They eat a lot of rich foods, but it’s all natural. Their meats don’t contain hormones or preservatives, and they’re butchered and sold very locally.

5. Norway (tied)

Their diet mostly consists of fish right from Norway’s own backyard and locally available vegetables.

5. Sweden (tied)

By nature, they eat in moderation and stay away from processed foods. Overeating is very rare.

4. Japan

Most of them don’t eat dairy, and their diet consists mostly of fish and veggies. They have one of the longest average lifespans of any society in the world.

3. Greece

Greece is known for a mostly simple diet. They avoid processed meats, and though they eat some fatty foods, they’re mostly healthy fats.

2. Italy

There seems to be a perception that overeating is common in Italy, which is largely untrue. Their secret is eating slowly and in moderation. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t eat much dairy, and they actually don’t eat as much pasta as one might think.

1. Iceland

The people of Iceland maintain the healthiest diet of any culture in the world. They eat mostly fish and vegetables grown on family-owned farms.

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If you want to live a healthier and potentially longer life, following a natural-foods diet similar to one of these is a good start. By the way, the nations with the unhealthiest diets are the U.S., Australia, and England, where the average diets consist largely of processed, preserved foods.