11 People Who Shared Far Too Much On Tinder

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There has been a dramatic shift in online dating over the last few years, with the bulk of options shifting from websites to mobile apps such as Tinder and OkCupid. These apps have become highly popular in the last 4 years. Tinder is the most used dating app with an estimated 50 million users, and OkCupid is regarded as the second most used dating app with an estimated 10 million users.

Joining Tinder is very simple. All you have to do is download the app, login using your Facebook account, and set up your profile which involves adding your picture and a few lines of information about yourself. This is still, however, apparently too much for some people to handle, as some people manage to share far too much information in just a couple of lines. Others try too hard to be funny, and it falls flat. Check out these eleven examples.

1. She’s only after the freebies.

2. What is wrong with people?

3. Apparently she can see the future.

4. Is this a poor attempt at sarcasm, or does she want to be Mary Poppins?

5. “Truth in advertising”

6. And she’s probably on the toilet A LOT if she eats that much nutella.

7. Does she know that works both ways?

8. You’d think after being dateless for 4 years, one would begin looking into why.

9. Practice makes perfect.

10. Setting the bar low

11. Is there anyone who can pull off a fanny pack?

(via 22Words)

Tinder isn’t exactly the best place to divulge unnecessary and humiliating things about oneself.