11 Things That Science Says Other People Can Tell About You From Your Physical Appearance

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Even if just on a subconscious level, everyone judges other people on their physical appearance. It’s human nature to use someone’s appearance to quickly determine things like whether someone poses a threat to you, or if they’re someone you’re interested in asking on a date, or if they appear trustworthy. This basic human instinct can be a powerful thing.

Numerous studies have shown which aspects of this tend to be more accurate than others and how it applies to the decisions we make about others based on our predilections. But have you ever wondered what assumptions people make about you based on your appearance? Science is here to tell you with these 11 things that other people can tell about you from your physical appearance.

1. People assume that if you’re attractive, you must also have numerous other positive traits. This was revealed by a recent study and is called “the halo effect.”


Getty Images / Kevin Winter

A separate study showed that due to this halo effect, attractive people in the workplace often get paid more.