12 Hilarious Memes That Have Gone Viral Within The Last 12 Hours

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There has been some amusing material going around this weekend. BoredWon has compiled some of the best images and memes that have gone viral across the web today. The title is quite self-explanatory really.

1. The Sign. Is this meat store clever and witty or just bitter and mean?



2. Cost of attending Drexel University = $63k/year.
A dozen of their students wearing the same “BE DIFFERENT” tee shirt = priceless.


At least the guy with the frosted tips is trying, albeit in one of the most ’90s ways humanly possible.


3. This guy is avenging mistreated baristas everywhere.



4. And he would’ve gotten away with it too, if it hadn’t been for those meddling hotel employees!



5. Ashamed? Or just trying to catch ’em all yourself…



6. This is what happens when a grown man accepts a dare.

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