14 Hilarious Jokes Only Bookworms Will Understand

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Laughter is the best medicine! No matter the situation or the time of day, a good joke can almost always turn one’s day around. There are all kinds of jokes out there: dad jokes, old-fashioned knock-knock jokes, and so many more to really get the laughter going strong.

However, some jokes are only meant for certain groups. For example, only those who keep their nose buried in the pages of books will fully understand and appreciate the hilarious list of jokes below. So share with your bookworm friends!

1. Macbeth-lemore


2. The Last Supper

3. That feeling when…

4. Writer’s pay

5. Need an A?

6. Having telekinesis is tough.

7. “This Is Just To Say”

8. There could be a joke about getting stoned.

9. Cerberus is just a dog, right?

10. When alcohol and literature mix

11. Literally dead

12. A golden opportunity

13. Literary families are messy.

14. Worst dinner party ever

(via BuzzFeed)

For literature lovers everywhere, these jokes are sure to strike the funny bone!