15 Mean Moms Who Proved They’re Not To Be Messed With

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Moms only want what’s best for their children, of course. The kids, however, often misunderstand, or as in many of these cases, underestimate their mothers. After all, how many rebellious teenagers appreciate the value of learning a lesson?

Here are the disciplinary measures, reminders, and rules handed out by 15 who clearly don’t tolerate any nonsense. In other words, here are a bunch of “mean moms” in the eyes of angst-ridden teens everywhere.

1. This kid broke the deal with mom and paid the price. Mom kept her word.


callkdsmith / Via instagram.com

2. This kid might never miss homework again after this


jewelsriv / Via instagram.com

3. This mom says no screen time until you’ve had a productive morning. How mean, right?

4. This mom is just returning the favor.

5. This evil mother wants the kitchen to remain clean.


butterballkeywell625 / Via instagram.com

6. Oh you’re bored? Here’s something to do.


jenlo_3 / Via instagram.com

7. This creative mom gets kudos for several levels of awesomeness.


greenaria / Via instagram.com

8. Oh, you don’t like dinner?

9. Here’s one mom who really knows how to send a message.

10. You can look, but you can’t touch.


thebakermama / Via instagram.com

11. Left it out? Chores before it’s yours.


bradybeeson / Via instagram.com

 12. Teaching them while they’re still young

13. Stacking the deck


little_lady_paradise / Via instagram.com

14. Oh, you want to have a party? That’s fine, but it won’t be a texting party.


wemaybecrazy / Via instagram.com

15. Did you want to use that?

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