17 Birthday Cake Fails That Will Make You Feel Good About Your Baking Skills

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Most of us love birthday cake, am I right? There aren’t many things that are as delicious as a savory, moist cake with soft, creamy icing on it. When it comes to icing the cake though, there’s definitely an art to it.

Some cake decorators have carved out a solid living for themselves with their talents. You won’t see any of their work here. No, these creations are by people who should never be allowed to decorate another cake for as long as they live. Some of these are so bad, they look like they’re straight out of a horror film. Enjoy.

1. This is a severely failed attempt at a Minecraft cake.


notoriousage / Via instagram.com

2. This looks like Buzz Lightyear tried to make a self-portrait on a cake.


cakesandacrumb / Via instagram.com

 3. Poor Dora.


cannuck_k8 / Via instagram.com

4. Thomas the Tank Engine has seen better days.


neenee43 / Via instagram.com

5. Hopefully, you’ll get better on your next try you’ll never try to make a cake again.


Twitter: @bakrbox

6. Batman looks like he’s been eating too many doughnuts.


cakesandacrumb / Via instagram.com

7. Spongebob? Is that you?
Voice: NO! It’s his evil twin, SpongeGLOB!


spidermonkeyyoda / Via instagram.com

8. This unicorn looks like it’s going to steal your soul.

9. When the display is so different from the actual cake you receive that you feel robbed.

10. When Hello Kitty gives you the finger on your birthday


mdeniseph / Via instagram.com

11. Are they trying to teach kids the perils of not using sunblock with this one, or were they aiming more for a Mickey Mouse – Donald Trump hybrid cake?


jonwasleske / Via instagram.com

12. Whoever made this should never be allowed near cake batter again…or an oven for that matter.


starswarstrainer / Via instagram.com

13. Let’s be honest, this Doctor Who cake really doesn’t look all that bad after the R2D2 cake above.


monkeymanweb / Via instagram.com

14. Donatello? Is that you?


photogrl79 / Via instagram.com

15. This iteration of Tinker Bell makes it appear that she’s starring in a Stephen King film


pvparadiso / Via instagram.com

16. I like how they’ve proudly displayed “Hand Decorated” on the box.


1chalupa_batman / Via instagram.com

17. Rapunzel making a mess on your cake.

(via BuzzFeed)

Can you imagine kids’ reactions to seeing these cakes? We wish we had photos of those reactions.