18 Desserts So Perfectly Designed That You Wouldn’t Want To Eat Them

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Pastry chefs are known for being meticulous when it comes to making mouth-watering desserts. But what happens when you combine architectural design with baking desserts? That’s exactly what Dinara Kasko does, and the result is absolutely incredible.

Kasko is a Ukranian pastry chef who seamlessly blends architectural designs and geometric figures into her one-of-a-kind desserts. Her creativity and skill have produced highly unique, visually satisfying pastries like you’ve never seen.

Dinara Kasko is a Ukranian pastry chef who uses architectural designs in creating her pastries.

She said “I want to create something new.”

Geometric figures are also her inspiration.

Could you eat these?

Clearly, a lot of precision goes into these flawless creations.

Dasko says she approaches each dessert as though it’s a building.

We’d like to see her design an actual building.

Just look at these. They’re perfection.

It’d be a shame to ruin them. We’d like to see someone eat one, and witness the inveitable remorse that would immediately follow

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We can see ourselves possibly eating the first one and the last one on this page. That’s it. We definitely couldn’t eat any of the others. How about you?