24-Hour Red Wine Fountain Is The Ultimate Thirst Quencher In This Part Of Italy

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Red wine has become well known in recent years for its numerous health benefits. Some wine lovers would probably drink it straight from a fountain if they could. Little might they know, that is now a possibility.

Religious pilgrims making a 192.5 mile (310 km) spiritual journey in Italy between Rome and Ortona along the Cammino di San Tommaso can now stop at a meeting place along the way at Dora Sarchese winery in Abruzzo that includes a red wine fountain. The fountain, which dispenses red wine 24 hours a day 365 days a year, was designed by famous Italian architect Rocco Valentini and is considered a work of art.

This is a fountain that literally dispenses red wine 24/7.

It’s located at Dora Sarchese winery in Abruzzo, Italy.

It was built specifically for religious pilgrims trekking the 192.5 mile (310 km) Cammino di San Tommaso that stretches from Rome to Ortona.

It was created by Rocco Valentini, a famous Italian architect, and it’s considered a work of art.

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Think you could drink enough red wine to offset the cost of a flight to Italy?