9 Hysterical Dad Fails With Babies That Will Leave You Laughing

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Some dads are obviously not as responsible as others. However, some clearly also have a better sense of humor than others as well. Some are downright big kids, and these photos are an example of that in action!

1. If this face looks familiar, it’s because he was made up by his father to look like Joe Rogan for Halloween.


2. Really though, what dad hasn’t done this?


3. Here’s an idea many dads are going to steal!


4. Well that’s certainly one way to keep a baby from getting out of your sight…


5. Puts baby to sleep, eats cake: Two birds, one stone.


6. Which one is the real kiwi?


7. Goatee? Check. Tattoo? Check. Harley muscle tee? Check.


8. Nothing like putting your infant in a makeshift straight-jacket.


9. This game was most definitely invented in a dark corner of the Deep South.