These Actors And Their Stunt Doubles Look Like Identical Twins

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Most people probably know by now that not all parts are being played by the original actors. There are dangerous stunts, especially in action movies, where a stunt double comes in to perform the stunt in the actor’s place.

This is very common in the entertainment industry. After all, not all actors are willing to risk their lives by jumping off a cliff or engaging in a dangerous fight scene or vehicular stunt. Countless blockbuster hits would not have been possible without stunt doubles.

Mark Wahlberg and stunt double Dan Mast

Uma Thurman and stunt double Zoe Bell

Chris Pratt and stunt double Tony Mcfarr

Michael Douglas and stunt double Mike Runyard

Margot Robbie and stunt double Ingrid Kleinig

Bruce Willis with his doubles

Emma Watson with her doubles

Tom Hardy and stunt double Jacob Tomuri

Carrie Fisher and stunt double Tracey Eddon

Faye Marsay and stunt double Casey Michaels

Johnny Depp and stunt double Tony Angelotti

Ken Stott and stunt double Peter Dillon

Lynda Carter and stunt double Jeannie Epper

Gwendoline Christie and Rory McCann and their stunt doubles.

Elijah Woods and body double Kiran Shah

Mark Ruffalo and stunt double Anthony Molinari

Chris Hemsworth and his stunt double

Alexander Skarsgard and stunt double Mark Slaughter

Liam Neeson and stunt double Mark Vanselow

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One of the elements of movie magic is that you don’t notice the difference between the real actors and their doubles because for one, they look so much alike, and two, camera angles are used in such a way that you typically don’t see any defining characteristics that would give it away.