Adorable Kitten Rescued From Hurricane Matthew Finds A New Home

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When Hurricane Matthew struck, it wasn’t just people who were affected by it. Animals were affected as well. Many of them got separated from their owners, with some even getting lost. In a story that has gone viral on Twitter, a kitten in North Carolina who was lost in the storm was lucky to be rescued by the local Petsmart.

She was only three to four weeks old, and nobody knew the identity of her owner. The kitty needed a new home, and a family who was at the store looking for a new pet loved her immediately. They adopted her and have given her a new home.

This kitten was rescued during Hurricane Matthew.

At a Raleigh area Petsmart, she was put in a sock sweater.

A family was at the store looking for a new cat. When they saw her, it was instant love.

A customer in the store posted the kitten’s story on Twitter, where people immediately began reacting to the adorable kitten.

Everyone loved her sock sweater.

The original tweet was shared 64k times and like by more than 100k users.

She’s one lucky kitten to have been rescued during the hurricane and to find a home so quickly.

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It’s hard to blame the family who took her home. Just look at that adorable mug!