This Adorable Puppy Was A Stray But Now Gets To Eat In A Different Restaurant Every Day

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Stray dogs are often found in the streets desperate for scraps to eat. Popeye used to be one of those dogs, before he was rescued into his fur-ever home by Ivy Diep. She describes him as being a mess when she found him and was “super skinny, heavily matted, dirty.”

Diep wasn’t looking for a new dog at the time, but no one else wanted him. She took him in and immediately fell in love with him. She named him Popeye, and he quickly fit in with the other dogs in her home. The once starving Popeye now has the opportunity to eat well every day.

Popeye was a stray who was starving.

Ivy Diep found him living in the streets.

She didn’t plan to take in another dog, but this fluffy pooch stole her heart.

Luckily for him, Ivy took him in when no one else wanted him.

Popeye enjoys some of the most popular pet-friendly restaurants in L.A.

This pup get nibbles of any food he shows interest in, as long as its safe for dogs, and his owners carry treats along in case there’s nothing safe for him.

Popeye is very well-behaved.

And he never lunges at the food.

Just look at those ears.

Popeye even has his own Instagram account.

He has quickly become an internet sensation.

He has 121,000 followers.

He’s the perfect guest.

Hey may truly be one of a kind.

No matter how tempting, he always waits for his share.

(via BoredPanda)

Popeye may be a dog, but he behaves better than most children. And thanks to his new mommy, Popeye gets to live the life every animal deserves.