She Always Manages To Hide Her Face From Her Photographer Boyfriend’s Camera

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One of the perks of having a photographer for a boyfriend is that you can count on always have good photographs taken of yourself. Photographer Mikael Theimer’s favorite subject to snap photos of is his girlfriend. The problem is she hates having her picture taken.

She’s very good at hiding her face from his camera. In fact, for months on end now, she’s successfully hidden her face in every photo he’s taken of her. He always ends up with a beautiful picture of the love of his life…minus her face.

Mikael Theimer is a professional photographer.

He is also a caring boyfriend.

He enjoys taking pictures of the love of his life.

But his girlfriend refuses to show her face in them.

You see, she hates having her picture taken.

Maybe she also likes being mysterious.

Mikael’s photos of her are often in black and white.

One thing is clear – her face is always hidden.

She’s used quite a variety of things to hide her face.

She’s nearly slipped a few times though, as you can catch glimpses of her face in some photos.


But she’s not yet ready to stop trying to hide her face.

(via 22Words)

Theimer must have quite a passion and skill for photography to capture so many amazing photos without the subject’s face in them. Perhaps one day his girlfriend will come around and start letting him capture her face in photos.