This Architect Transformed An Old Cement Factory Into His Residence And It Will Blow Your Mind

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It’s amazing how something can be transformed when you have a vision for it and the tenacity to see it through. This huge structure just outside of Barcelona, Spain, was once a cement factory, roughly 100 years ago, circa World War 1.  An architect by the name of Ricardo Bofill purchased the closed down, dilapidated factory in 1973 with a vision for what it could become.

Over the next 45 years, he transformed it into a home and office, and continues to work on it today. The transformation is mind blowing.

This was an old cement factory in Barcelona.

It was purchased by an architect named Ricardo Bofill in 1973.

45 years later, the building has been completely transformed.

It’s now called La fábrica.

Bofill and his team turned it into a comfortable place in which to live and work.

Both the interiors and exteriors have been transformed.

A part of the building was turned into his home office.

Here’s a room that was transformed into a bar and informal dining area.

From the outside, the whole place looks inviting.

Lavish gardens have been planted throughout the exterior.

Trees and ivy abound.

The greenery added life to the place that once looked so lifeless.

Bofill continues transforming the property still today.

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Bofill and his team turned the old cement factory into a stunning modern home.