This Baby Girl Inherited Her A Unique Trademark From Her Mother

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We’ve known for some time that genetics play a big role a variety of traits being passed down through generations. Sometimes, a child may have his or her dad’s eyes, or get their nose or chin from mom. But what are the odds of 4 consecutive generations having the same exact birth mark?

That’s what has happened in one South Carolina family. This little girl has caught the internet’s attention after she was born with the same white patch of hair that her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother all have. Take a look.

Meet baby MilliAnna Worthy of Ridgeland, South Carolina.

She is now 18 months old.

She was born with a patch of white hair in the front.



Her mother, Brianna, has it too.

It runs in the family. Her grandmother and great-grandmother had it too.

Doctors say it’s poliosis, a condition that causes lack of pigment in the hair and skin.

Brianna hoped MilliAnna would get the white patch, but wasn’t sure if it would happen.

Brianna says is proud of it, as it’s her own signature look, and she plans to teach MilliAnna to be proud of it as well.

(via BoredPanda)

It’s not often you see a trait get passed through four consecutive generations. We’d like to know what the odds are of that happening. If you know then please inform us!