People Are Honoring This Teen’s Last Wish Before She Dies And You May Want To Do The Same

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What would you do if you found out you only have months to live? Rebecca Schofield from Riverview, New Brunswick in Canada had a cancerous tumor removed form her brain two years ago. She also endured months of chemotherapy, after which scans showed that she was free and clear of all cancer.

Last year, however, doctors discovered two more tumors which they determined to be inoperable, and they gave her three months to a year to live. She wanted her remaining time on earth to be special, so she made a bucket list. She also asked people to do good deeds in her name. She requested they then post their kind acts online with the hashtag #BeccaToldMeTo.

Becca has less than a year to live.

Her dying wish is for people to show kindness to others and post their acts online with the hashtag #BeccaToldMeTo.

Her wish went viral and now people across the world are spreading kindness in her honor.

People have really gotten into the spirit of it.

Simple acts like helping a neighbor are sufficient.

Being kind to strangers makes you feel good too.

Becca said she wanted to leave a mark in this world. And she’s doing just that by inspiring people everywhere to be kind.

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People as far away as Kuwait, Australia, and Japan are hashtagging kind deads with #beccatoldmeto. Do a good dead for someone today. Whether you choose to let the world know or not is up to you.