A Hilarious Mistake Had Him Looking VERY Out Of Place When He Showed Up At The Birthday Party

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Don’t you just love being invited to birthday parties? You get to hang out with relatives and/or friends as well as get to know new people. You can eat, drink, and dance with other guests too. Nowadays, a lot of folks are celebrating their birthdays with style by coming up with a theme. So just imagine the delight of this dad when he received an invite to a ’60s-themed birthday party, which was right up his alley. He went all out on his costume, only to discover he made a very silly mistake.

Sammie and James “Jimbo” McComb from Thousand Oaks, California are one of the coolest father-daughter tandems out there.

dad_birthday_mistake_01Sammie McComb

James got an invite to a themed birthday party and immediately bought a costume.

dad_birthday_mistake_03Sammy McComb

When he arrived at the party, he was confused, and everybody else was shocked upon seeing him. It wasn’t a ’60s-themed party at all but a 60th birthday celebration.

dad_birthday_mistake_04Sammy McComb

Sammie shared her dad’s story and photo on Twitter, and it wasn’t long before it went viral.


Many retweeted and shared her post.


Sammie said this wasn’t the first time her dad showed his goofy side. One time he actually gave her an autographed photo of himself for Christmas.


( via Buzzfeed )

James McComb is one cool dad. Yeah, he made a mistake, but you have to admit he rocked that ’60s look.