New Bookstore-Themed Hostel Lets You Sleep In A Bookshelf Surrounded By 5000 Books

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Enjoy falling asleep with a good book? How would you like to fall asleep with 5,000 books? A group in Japan is opening Bookstore-themed hostels that have bunks built into the bookshelves, so you can sleep among the books. The concept is aptly named “Book and Bed”.

They recently opened a Book and Bed in Tokyo, and it’s been such a success that now they’re opening one in Kyoto. Their prices begin at about $39/night which seems well worth it for bookworms who would feel like they’re living a dream in this type of environment.

Book and Bed Kyoto opens this month in Kyoto, Japan.

It has a similar theme to the one opened recently in Tokyo.

This bookstore-inspired hostel houses 5,000 books. There are bunks built into the bookshelves where one can sleep.

You can spend the night in one of the “rooms” for as low as $39 a night.

You can have peace and quiet while being surrounded by books.

There’s also plenty of furniture for one’s reading comfort.

When you’ve read all you can for the evening and are ready to sleep, simply crawl into your bunk and call it a night.

(via BoredPanda)

Book and Bed Kyoto is like a true bookworm’s dream come true. Shall we start a pool on how long it takes for this to spread across the ocean?