These Piercings Are Today’s Most STELLAR Jewelry Trend

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Gone are the days where a single stud or hoop earring is enough to make a statement. Today, it seems that the more piercings, the better! From the standard lobe piercing, to cartilage bars, ear jewelry is a constant and evolving fad.

Behold the newest trend: CONSTELLATION PIERCINGS! These fun jewels can be arranged into different shapes and sizes around the ear, and often range from plain studs to precious stones and diamonds. Here are some gorgeous results to get you started on your own constellation piercing:

Constellation piercings are rocking the world of body modification.


@brookebittenspiercing / Via

These designs offer a new twist on standard jewelry.


@pampervanglos / Via

The earrings can be a variety of totally adorable styles.


@brookebittenspiercing / Via

Many brave body modifiers are using opal jewels in their constellations, reminiscent of galaxies.


@style_is_golden_ / Via

Some constellations call for staggered holes.


@bentauber / Via

Some offer a wild range of colors.


@pandaachuu / Via

These constellations can be simple too!


oksana13uvarova / Via

These eye-catching designs really look like twinkling little stars.


@piercingsbyrachel / Via

This design resembles Orion’s belt.


@katswanton / Via

Diamond studs create a stunning constellation look.


@grazieleraiza / Via

(via BuzzFeed)

While this trend may not be for everyone, it’s safe to say that there’s no surprise as to why this stellar idea is catching attention!