This Couple Can’t Have A Baby So They Got THIS Instead

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A common problem for gay couples is that they can’t have children of their own without going through the long and arduous process of finding a surrogate and utilizing in vitro fertilization. Alternatives can include adopting a child, but this can prove to be nearly as difficult a process as the surrogate/IVF option. Among other reasons why adoption is difficult, in situations where birth parents are giving up a child, the birth parents get to choose the new parents. As executive director of the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute, Adam Pertman puts it, “Birth parents choose the new parents, and so usually they do not knowingly choose a gay couple.” Rather than undertake one of these expensive and troublesome tasks, this couple had a different idea. They decided to get a dog.

Dorien Bryant and Patrick Craves are the coolest PAWrents.

gay_pawrent01 pcraves 

This adorable pup is their new Australian Shepherd. His name is Asher.


It seems he immediately felt right at home!


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It’d be hard to find a cuter dog than that. Thanks to their furry baby, their family is now complete.