Creative Ideas To Make Your Picky Eater Eat

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Having a picky eater in the house is a real challenge. Children can’t be easily convinced to eat something they don’t like (or think they don’t like, as in many cases). This especially tends to include healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. They’d much rather eat a hot dog than have a bite of salad or broccoli, of course. However, letting them eat whatever they want will only make them unhealthy and prone to illness. So how do you make your picky eater eat foods they don’t like? Here are some creative ideas to help you get started.

1. It’s all in the presentation


Be creative when it comes to plating. For instance, turn those sunny-side-ups into a smiling masterpiece at breakfast.

2. Offer rewards


Sometimes, a little bribery is all you need. Convince your child to eat a piece of fruit or some vegetables, and in return, they can watch television for an extended hour on a school night.

3. Make your own desserts


You can buy an ice cream maker and think of your own exciting flavors. Experiment with fruits and nuts and veggies too.

4. Allow them to help you cook


Children love the idea of helping you in the kitchen. You can ask them to beat the eggs or help you bake some cookies. Knowing that they’ve helped with the cooking will motivate them to eat what the two of you have cooked together.

5. Play with colors


Children are attractive to colors, so try to use fruits and vegetables that can catch their attention.

It’s important for children to eat fruits and vegetables because they contain nutrients needed for their growth and development. If your child is a picky eater, try the tips above and see the difference. Let us know in the comments below how you experimented with this and how well it worked!