This Dad Is Using His Twin Daughters To Prank Hotel Guests

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Having twins can be a handful, but this dad discovered that it can also be a lot fun!  Martin Hughes and his twin daughters, Poppy and Isabella, worked together to scare guests in a London hotel by recreating a scene from the hit thriller The Shining. The girls stood menacingly at the end of a long hallway and in some cases, recited the famous line “come play with us.” Needless to say, the hotel guests were pretty terrified!

Hughes uses his twin daughters to carry out frightening pranks.

The experience is scary and hilarious at the same time.

The twins recreated this scene from the movie The Shining.

People have reacted to the girls in many ways, but most are terrified.

Others find the twins cute.

Another Twitter user shared this picture of his house that looks exactly like the one in the movie.

Hughes is taking parenting to a whole new level.

Who knows what this trio will do next?

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Who says parenting has to be strict all the time? Hughes and his daughters are certainly living their life to the fullest, and aren’t afraid to cause a little mischief while they’re at it!