Dad Creates Anime Characters From His Son’s Doodles And They’re Incredible

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Children can be very creative. Their doodles, however lacking, often display an expression of that creativity, and might resemble just about anything from their favorite animals to their most-liked cartoons on TV.

This dad in particular came up with a creative way to use his son’s doodles and turn them into anime characters. Thomas Romain is an anime artist in Tokyo. He got some ideas from his sons’s doodles and together, they create anime in what they refer to as Father and Sons Designs Workshop.

K-3 (Keisan)

Sand Golem

Cosmic Robot

Snake Fighter

Magic Knight

Fire Guardian

Eye Monster

Cloud Dwellers

Steampunk Doctor

Tulip Brothers

(via BoredPanda)

Encourage your child’s doodles or other forms of creative expression. You never know what it might lead to.