After His Dad Shared THIS Online, This Boy With Autism Has More Friends Than He Can Count

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Children with autism have a lot of needs. They need to be properly monitored, given special treatments, undergo tests and more. At the same time, their parents must be aware of their daily activities and how they get along with other people, especially children their age.

So when a dad discovered his autistic child’s questionnaire from school, he shared it on social media to create awareness. People responded in more ways than he could ever imagine.

Christopher Cornelius has autism.

One day, his dad, Bob, shared something online that his son had filled out in school.

He was very saddened by his son’s answer to who his friends are. He decided to address the issue by sharing it with others. He asked people to talk to their children and help them better understand children with special needs.

Soon, Christopher was receiving letters from total strangers who wanted to be his friend.

He also received numerous gifts.

Kids in school started to offer him their friendship too, and teachers told Bob about Christopher’s progress.

Bob himself received encouragements from other parents with children with special needs.

He also received a letter from the principal telling him of the positive impacts of his action and also offered his support.

Christopher and his family are overwhelmed with the kindness of everybody who reached out to them, especially to Christopher who’s now aware that he has many friends.

The Cornelius family is extremely grateful to everyone for extending Christopher their friendship.

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He received so many letters and presents from total strangers and now has friends all over the world.