This Diver Might Have Found THE SCARIEST Thing One Could Find At The Bottom Of The Ocean

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A “Broken Arrow” is the code used for when a nuclear bomb goes missing, which is exactly what happened on Valentine’s Day in 1950. The United States has admitted that a nuclear weapon went missing that day while in transport from Texas to Florida. It was never found…

That is, perhaps, until just recently when Sean Smyrichinsky was diving off the coast of Canada. After seeing a large, oddly shaped object on the ocean floor, he surfaced quickly to tell his crew that he’d found a UFO, but a little investigating revealed that the object very well may be the Mark 4 nuclear bomb that disappeared almost 67 years ago. The Royal Canadian Navy was notified and will be looking into it.

Smyrichinsky was diving near Canada’s coast recently when he made a strange discovery.

At first, he thought it was a UFO and told his crew as much.

It turns out that what he found is likely a long-lost nuclear bomb.

The U.S. has admitted that a Mark 4 nuclear weapon went missing in 1950 while being transported.

The Royal Canadian Navy is preparing to visit the site. Hopefully the device is no longer active…



(via ViralNova)

It must be terrifying knowing that what you came across while diving was in fact a nuclear bomb!