Easy Hack To Keep Your Lipstick Off Of Your Wine Glass

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It’s safe to say that at least most women who enjoy wine have discovered that lipstick and wine glasses do not mix. The glass will be covered in lipstick stains before it’s empty – an utterly annoying. Lipstick is meant to be on your lips, not all over your glass!

The good news is, there’s a very simple trick you can use to prevent lipstick stains from clinging to your wine glass once and for all. The bad news is, it’s pretty disgusting, so you probably won’t want to let anyone see you actually doing it.

Love drinking wine?

Hate lipstick stains on your wine glass?

Thankfully, there’s a trick you can do to prevent this catastrophe from happening.

Lick the sides of your wine glass before sipping.

Yes, you read that right.

Your saliva acts as a barrier, preventing your lipstick from sticking to the glass.

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Told you it was disgusting.