If You Enjoy Reading, Just Wait Until You See This Library Hidden In The Woods

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Do you love reading books? For some, there’s nothing like reading a good book that can keep you captivated all day long. While some people prefer to read in public spaces such as a cafe or a park, some prefer the quietest place they can find. This is definitely for those people.

If you’re one who doesn’t like being disturbed or distracted when reading a book, there’s a great place for you. In New York State, there’s a secluded library tucked away in the woods. It’s the perfect place for bookworms like peace and quiet. It’s complete with a wood-burning stove to keep you warm while reading in your dream environment.

Hemmelig Rom is a secluded library retreat in the woods in New York State.

Hemmelig Rom is a Norwegian name which means “secret room”.

This library was designed by Studio Padron.

It’s 2,153 sq. ft. (200 square meters), and it’s made of oak.

It contains a bed, wood-burning stove, desk, and an armchair to keep you comfy.

(via BoredPanda)

Public libraries, cafes, offices, etc. can all be great places to read. But sometimes you just want to be alone or with a single companion while reading. For those times, it’d be hard to find a more perfect spot than Hemmelig Rom.