We Found A Real Life Version Of Disney’s Princess Jasmine

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Aladdin was one of Disney’s most unforgettable movies. The chemistry between Aladdin and Princess Jasmine made them a favorite couple of many fans. As often happens with Disney princesses, countless young girls wanted to be Princess Jasmine.

It’s no surprise that, even now that they’re adults, those girls love dressing up as the Disney princess for costume parties. Just recently, this young lady dressed up as Princess Jasmine and totally nailed it!

Meet model and singer Olayinka Mia Noel.

She dressed up as Princess Jasmine for Halloween.

And she perfectly executed the look from the hair down to the outfit she wore.

Noel definitely looked the part as much as anyone can.

She even had her hair tied like Princess Jasmine’s.

She also had her very own Aladdin.

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Noel looked as much like Jasmine as any human being can look like any Disney Princess. In addition to modeling, she’s part of R&B girl group XSO, but if she ever decides she wants a career change, Disney would probably hire her to be Princess Jasmine full time!