Free Pantries Are Providing This Town With Groceries For Those In Need

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Fayetteville, Arkansas has become known for its Little Free Libraries which are part of a movement which offers “free books house in small containers”. This initiative has inspired many people to create other “little free structures” including Fayetteville resident, Jessica McClard.

These help to bring communities together and seem to awaken people’s kindness and helpfulness. Now they’re helping to solve social problems too. With this in mind, McClard decided to start her own project, the Little Free Pantry.

Jessica McClard started the Little Free Pantry with $250 in funding from Thrivent Financial.

Her first free pantry in Fayetteville was placed right next to the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church on May 10.

People responded positively to her project and started putting free goods and food in the pantry for those who need it. Pantries are already starting to pop up elsewhere.

Diapers, sanitary pads, and peanut butter and jelly are the most in demand products.

One free pantry was located near a school, so McClard also ensures that it contains some school supplies.

The project has already accrued more than 10,000 Facebook likes.

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There’s really nothing little about this initiative. Hopefully, others will continue to put up pantries and continue to restore our hope in humanity.