These Gelato Flowers Are Quickly Becoming All The Rage

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Good news to everybody who loves both ice cream and flowers. Both in one is now a thing. That’s right, you can now enjoy your favorite dessert served in a floral shape. A company called i-Creamy, who are ice cream makers from Sydney, Australia, have combined the savory flavor of ice cream and the beauty of flowers in a cone.

They come in all kinds of flavors, colors, and floral designs. You might just hate yourself for eating such masterpieces. Check it out!

Gelato flowers are the latest craze.

Australian ice cream makers, i-Creamy, came up with the idea.

Instead of one scoop on top of the other, they created petals, and each layer can be a different flavor.

They complete the whole flower look petal by petal.

i Creamy co-owner Pichaporn Sapsittiporn revealed they use a special shoehorned shape spatula.

The colorful flowers aren’t the only thing that excite customers.

The flavors are something to look forward to as well.

The owners are Thai and want to promote Asian flavors.

Some of their must-try flavors are white chocolate with miso, black sesame, and Thai milk tea.

They’re so pretty and oh-so-tasty!

The floral shape and unique flavors make gelato flowers the perfect treat for young and old alike.

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These look almost too beautiful to eat!