How This Grandma Celebrated Her 85th Birthday Will Bring You To TEARS

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Last weekend, Alicia Salas and her family decided to throw an unforgettable birthday celebration for their grandmother, Josie Reza. She was turning 85 years old. Since it was quite a milestone, they wanted to make the birthday very special for Josie.

The last memory that Josie and her husband made before he passed away was enjoying a mariachi band together. She misses him badly, so Salas and her family hired a mariachi band to surprise Josie and asked them to play a song that’s very special to Josie called “Las Mañanitas”. What followed has brought many people to tears.

Josie Reza got to celebrate her 85th birthday in perhaps the most touching way possible.


Alicia Salas

Her family surprised her with the performance of a mariachi band.


Alicia Salas

The last memory she had of her late husband is of them enjoying a mariachi band’s performance, and she misses her husband very much.

She held to her heart a photo of her husband throughout most of the performance.


Alicia Salas

Her granddaughter, Alicia Salas, posted photos of this to Twitter, and they have gone viral.

A lot of people have been moved to tears by the whole thing, with many of them posting crying-reaction pictures.



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What more can an 85-year-old grandma ask for on her birthday? What do you think? Did this story bring you to tears?