What Happens When You Have An AWESOME Grandpa Who Is An Engineer? THIS does.

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Grandparents often love to spoil their grandchildren. Of course, some are better at it than others. But then you have a few who are rock stars at it. Steve Dobbs is certainly not your ordinary grandpa. He’s a superstar grandpa.

He’s a retired engineer of 30 years who clearly loves spending time with his grandchildren as much as anything in the world. He enjoys spending time with his grand kids so much in fact, that he even built an amusement park in his own backyard where his grandchildren can play. It has everything from a train ride to a roller coaster!

Steve Dobbs was an aerospace engineer for Boeing for 30 years.

He lives in Fullerton, California near the famous Disneyland.

When he retired, he decided to build his very own amusement park intended for his grand kids.

His wife was about to throw away some old Madam Alexander dolls, but Steve took them instead. He attached motors into them, and mounted them to the walls of a tunnel.

He built a train track complete with lights and music that his grand kids can ride on in electric train cars.

He continued to build and add rides after seeing how much his grandchildren were enjoying it.

He called his mini-amusement park “Dobbsland”.

He made several Disney-inspired rides including a Finding Nemo ride and a Sleeping Beauty castle.

His latest project was a 12 mph roller coaster that can carry passengers of up to 185 pounds each.

The backyard can accommodate around 50 people despite the theme park in the middle, and Dobbs isn’t through yet.

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Although his grandchildren are growing up quickly, Dobbs is far from done adding new rides and attractions in his mini-amusement park. After all, it’s “the happiest place on earth”.

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