When A Guy Asked Her For Nudes This Woman Sent Him The Most HILARIOUS Reply Ever

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Unfortunately, we now live in a world where it’s rather common to find many guys today asking women for not just for their photos, but specifically for nude photos. It’s one thing to ask for a photo of someone you’re talking to, but it’s a different story to ask to see something completely private.

A guy was asking this woman for nude photos, and she’s obviously not that type of girl. She sent him some pictures, but they were most certainly not what he wanted or expected. She gave him the best response through the most hilarious photos ever.

A guy asked Imgur user, leonaloir , for nude pics.

She responded in the most hilarious way.

She even offered to strip for him, and sent him a photo of chicken strips.

Her witty response gained the approval of the internet.

That guy won’t be bothering her for nude pics ever again.

(via BoredPanda)

More people should ward off disgusting human beings with clever responses like this!