After What This Guy Did For His Friend, The WHOLE INTERNET Wants A Friend Like Him

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There comes a time in life when a person has a chance to prove their worth as a friend. It can be difficult to find true friends who you know will be there for you when you need them most, but 18-year-old Andrew Nguyen recently proved he is a true friend.

Nguyen is a student at the University of Texas in Arlington. Recently his friend, Diana Le, needed pants in order to take an exam in a lab who’s dress code requires pants. She’d worn short that day, having forgotten about the dress code. After Nguyen helped her search unsuccessfully for pants, he traded his pants for her short shorts, so she could go take her exam. Now everybody’s loving him for his kindness.

Nguyen and Le are friends at University of Texas at Arlington.


Courtesy of Andrew Nguyen

Le recently needed pants in order to take a test in a lab. The labs dress code requires pants, which she’d forgotten. She’d worn shorts that day.


Courtesy of Andrew Nguyen

She and Nguyen were in the library when she realized this. They asked around if anyone had an extra pair of pants with them. No one did, so Nguyen did what only a true friend would.

Nguyen traded his pants for her shorts and waited in the bathroom while she took the exam.

He tweeted about it and was just expecting a few laughs, but it quickly went viral.

Now people everywhere want a friend like Nguyen, and who can blame them!

(via BuzzFeed)

Not everyone would do what Nguyen did in that situation, so good on him. His tweet now has over 367,ooo likes and nearly 150,000 retweets.