This Guy Let His Girlfriend Give Him A Makeover So He Could Help Her Pay For Festival Tickets

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Ah, young love. You know the kind. The high school puppy love that makes teens all googly-eyed for each other. There’s a Coachella music festival this spring that 17-year-old Tatyanna Snyder wants to attend. The tickets are $200 though – certainly a steep price for a high school senior.

Her best friend of three years, who she’s been dating for the last nine months, is an 18-year-old named Jordan Shetrone. He offered to loan her the money, but she declined. Tatyanna is a freelance makeup artist, however, so Jordan came up with another idea. He booked a Saturday appointment with her for a full makeover, which she typically charges $50 for.

For the last three years, 17-year-old Tatyanna Snyder and 18-year-old Jordan Shetrone have been best friends.


Tatyanna Snyder

They’ve also been dating for nine months now.


Tatyanna Snyder

Snyder wanted to attend Coachella’s spring music festival but the tickets are expensive.


Tatyanna Snyder

Snyder is a freelance makeup artist who charges $50 for  a makeover.

Shetrone wanted to lend her the money, but she refused.


Tatyanna Snyder

So then he did the next logical thing. He booked an appointment for a full makeover from her.

They even took a before and after pic. The finished look was amazing.

Snyder posted her boyfriend’s makeover on Twitter, and it went viral.

Of course, as is common with Twitter, there were some negative comments. But many admired the makeover and Snyder’s support for his girlfriend.

Despite some of the backlash, Shetrone said he’s willing to do it again and again for his girl.

(via BuzzFeed)

It seems this won’t be the last makeover for Shetrone. He is willing to have at least enough makeovers to help Tatyanna earn enough money to buy those tickets.