This Guy Posts Photos From A Day At Work And Now They Have Gone Viral

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The waters of Sydney Harbour, Australia are generally rather calm, and many ferries operate there, including a passenger ferry called Manly. The weather there can occasional be quite unpredictable, however.

Just recently, Haig Gilchrist, a deckhand on the Manly, captured some amazing photos one day when the weather turned nasty. The harbor was far from calm, and his trip was filled with big splashes from strong sea winds.

This is Sydney Harbour, Australia.

On regular days, the sea is very calm here.

But sometimes, bad weather causes the waves to rise.

Haig Gilchrist, a deckhand on a ferry named Manly, recently took photos on a day of poor weather and uploaded them to social media. They quickly went viral.

There were large waves crashing into the ship that day.

He commented “great day to be working”. Really?

(via BoredPanda)

It seems his idea of a great day to be working varies significantly from mine.