These Hairless Animals Look So Weird They Will Make Your Skin Crawl

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Furry animals like bears, cats, dogs and more are so adorable. They look fluffy and oh so cuddly. You can’t help but want to hold them and pet them. But what if they lose their hair or fur? Can you imagine if they become bald?

Have you ever seen a bald opossum or a hairless baboon? Below you’ll find some usually furry and feathery animals without their normal coat. And be warned – some of them look quite unusual without their coat.

The sphynx cat is famous for its hairless look.

Baby rabbits are born without their thick fur.

Bald possums are absolutely scary.

Hedgehogs look very odd without their hair.


A hairless mole rat is anything but cute.

Naked wombats have the kind of claws that’ll give you nightmares.

The featherless lovebird is still cute though.

Who would’ve thought this is what an owl looks like without the feathers?

This bald bear is perfect in horror movies.

Featherless chickens are pretty strange looking.

Naked raccoons look more funny than scary.

The hairless baboon looks like something out of a horror movie.

(via ViralNova)

We’re so used to seeing most or all of these animals with hair, fur, or feathers, that it’s pretty bizarre seeing them bald.