This Harry Potter Themed Bridal Shower Is MAGICAL

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With the release of the newest film addition to the Harry Potter universe, it should come as no surprise that Harry Potter fans are on the rise yet again.

Earlier this month, bride-to-be Colleen threw the bridal party of every Harry Potter fan’s dreams. Having been enchanted by J.K. Rowling’s creations since childhood, she and her planners thought that this magically themed bridal shower would bewitch her guests in the same way.

Check out the photos below!

This is Colleen, with her fiance dressed as Harry Potter.

Anything from the trolley, anyone? 

Some of the party tables resembled popular wizarding classes.

While others took after the houses of Hogwarts.

Guests faced the Sorting Hat in order to find their seat.

Invitations were sealed with the famous Hogwarts wax seal.

The couple even got featured on the front page of their own Daily Prophet.

Colleen and her party planners left no space at the venue untouched.

This cake is almost too mesmerizing to eat.


The amount of detail that Colleen and her team put into planning this special event is incredible! From the invitations, right down to the Chamber of Secrets that was created in the venue’s bathroom, this party was marvelously done.

Regardless of age or level of obsession one has for J.K. Rowling’s magical universe, the photos from Colleen’s bridal shower are sure to inspire any witch or wizard to start brainstorming ideas for their own Harry Potter themed event!