This Illustrator Transforms Pets And Their Owners Into Cartoon Drawings

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If there’s one thing pet owners are fond of doing, it has to be taking pictures of (and often with) their adorable pets. Many people love to take photos of their pets and share them to social media these days.

One artist found a way for people to appreciate those photos even more. American artist Robert DeJesus transforms photographs of strangers with their pets into cartoon drawings. He is a talented illustrator, and he is now offering auctions on eBay where a person can bid to have a commissioned work done.

Robert DeJesus is an American illustrator.

He transforms photos into cartoon illustrations.

He enjoys transforming photos of people and their pets into cartoon characters.

He’s a fan of anime and manga, which is reflected in many of his drawings.

He started drawing in high school.

Later, he attended manga and anime shows all over the US.

He also started making anime caricatures.

He now has his own eBay store.

He offers custom made portraits.

People can join the bidding in auctions in his store.

Many people want to have their photos turned into cartoons.

He is doing this as a side job.

He’s also working on a bigger project.

Aren’t these transformations cool?

(via BoredPanda)

DeJesus has an eBay store where you can send your requests. He’s doing it to help fund his bigger projects.