Indiana Woman Drowns Rescuing A Poodle

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There are selfless people in this world who will do anything to save the lives of animals. They don’t care if they’re putting their own lives in danger as long as they rescue these poor, helpless creatures.

When Jacqueline Watts heard about a missing poodle, she didn’t hesitate to help find the 10-year-old dog, immediately setting out on her mission. Sadly, she never made it back.

Jacqueline Watts left her dog and rabbit with her parents before looking for Ringo, a missing poodle.

Saving animals was her mission in life, and she routinely volunteered for animal rescues and shelters.

She was reported missing on the evening of March 3.

By Saturday morning, her body together with Ringo, the poodle, was found near Flat Rock River.

Her car was nearby with the hazard lights on and the engine still running.

Autopsy revealed she died of accidental drowning while trying to rescue Ringo.

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To those who knew Watts, she died a hero, and they will never forget her selflessness. In addition to describing how she cared deeply for the well-being of animals and how she’d do anything to help them, a family friend stated that “…Jackie gave her life for what she believed in.”