The Internet Has THE BIGGEST Crush On Canada’s Prime Minister

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There’s no doubt about it: Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is definitely one of the most attractive and absolutely charming leaders in the world today! Aside from being a very competent politician, he is famous for his incredibly good looks.

As it just so happens, celebrities and other world leaders have shown just how smitten they are by Prime Minister Trudeau through their body language. People have created a meme that shows just how hard how everyone seems to be crushing on the P.M.

Ivanka Trump triggered a new meme with these photos.

Even the Queen of England adores this Canadian beauty.

The magical Emma Watson couldn’t keep her eyes off him.

It looks like Barack Obama was quite a fan too.

Ivanka isn’t the only Trump who admires Trudeau.

(via BoredPanda)

It’s safe to say that this hilarious set of photos proves Prime Minister Trudeau is a gorgeous man. He’s an excellent leader, and it seems that no one is safe from Trudeau’s charm.