She Knows Her Son Is Different But She Will NEVER Give Up On Him

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While some mothers may experience feelings of dread and terror when discovering their child will be born with physical abnormalities, others are prepared to help their child feel as normal as possible. Amy Poole found out very early into her pregnancy that her son would be born a bit different than other children.

That didn’t deter her from continuing with the pregnancy and the birth, however. She was determined to love and cherish her baby no matter what, and to make sure that he knew that he was loved. Ollie was born with part of his brain in his nose, however, which is going to make life quite challenging.

This is Ollie Poole, a little boy born with an abnormally large nose.

His physical condition is called Encephalocele.

The condition causes the brain to grow through an open space in the skull. In Ollie’s case, his brain began to grow into his nasal cavity.

His mom was the first to refer to him as Pinocchio.

Some people bully him, and others question why Poole went on with the pregnancy.

Ollie has a very special place in the hearts of his mom and sister, Annabelle.

Ollie may never look like other kids, but he will always loved by his family.

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Ollie may face a lot of obstacles in his life because of his condition, but he has a truly amazing support system. Although he is only one of many suffering from Encephalocele, Ollie’s story is sure to bring awareness to the condition.