Kylie Jenner’s Latest Lip Kit Is The Color Of A Hickey

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The world has watched Kylie Jenner grow from a child into a young woman. In the last two years particularly, she has transformed from being known mostly for a supporting role in a reality television series to now being a full-fledged celebrity all her own. In that vein, she is following in her big sisters’ footsteps by launching her own product lines, specifically cosmetics in this case.

Her lip kit collection is selling like hotcakes, with most of them being sold out the moment they hit the shelves. In order to keep her customers happy, she’s added new shades to the said collection. The latest addition is a deep purple shade which she called “Love Bite”, and customers quickly discovered that it lives up to its name.

Kylie Jenner is expanding her popular lip kit collection.


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Her latest shade is called Love Bite.

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Ashley Sardella bought one and was amused to discover that it was the same shade as her friend’s hickey.


@Ashsardella8 / Via Twitter: @Ashsardella8

As soon as the 21-year-old Sardella and her friend noticed the uncanny resemblance, they tweeted it. And as soon as they tweeted it, people took notice.


@jessiiicaa92 / Via Twitter: @jessiiicaa92

Many people agreed with their assessment of the color.


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Others even posted photos of their own hickeys for comparison.



Kylie herself retweeted Sardella.


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Sardella followed that up with:

When Kylie retweeted me I started screaming with excitement and I cried.

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Whether Kylie Jenner did this on purpose or not, it’s undoubtedly going to be one of the bestselling shades out there. Tell us, would you buy it?