This Lucky Dog Has His Own Bedroom And It’s Probably As Nice As Yours

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This recently retired teacher was having a new house built and was going through the usual decisions involved such as planning the layout. Her two sisters encouraged, or according to her nephew, basically forced her to also plan the inclusion of a room for her pet Chihuahua. We’re not sure why it took such convincing, as it seems like a great idea.

After all, there are a lot of reasons why having a little doggy bedroom in your house makes sense. For starters, you’re not going to be tripping over a dog bed in a common area. Anyway, she planned the dog bedroom, deciding the space under the staircase would be perfect, and she decorated it after it was built. The result? See for yourself…

Meet Pancho, a Chihuahua who has his own bedroom under the stairs.

His owner decided to give him his own private space in the house.

This is no doghouse.

Time, effort, money, and love went into this doggy bedroom.

It has all the comforts of a human’s bedroom.

It has a luxury dog bed, a chest of drawers, artwork, a rug, a lamp, and more.

What more can a dog ask for?

(via BoredPanda)

Pancho is lucky to have such a loving human who’s willing to give him anything to make sure he’s comfortable. Who knows? Maybe he’ll get his own toilet and bath soon!