The Men Behind These Disney Princes Are Just As Charming In Real Life

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Whether young or old, Disney fanatics are sure to enjoy learning every interesting tidbit about the creations of films. However, it’s important to know that the magic of Disney’s most popular films don’t just come from the talented animation teams!

Curious about the voices behind some of your favorite Disney princes? Well, these are fourteen men who have worked behind the scenes in order to help bring to life your all-time favorites from your childhood.

William Phipps as Prince Charming (“Cinderella”)

Zachary Levi as Flynn Rider (“Tangled”)

Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Simba (“The Lion King”)

Christopher Daniel Barnes as Prince Eric (“The Little Mermaid”)

Robby Benson as Beast (“Beauty and the Beast”)

 Harry Stockwell as Prince Florian (“Snow White”)

Scott Weinger as Aladdin (“Aladdin”)

Mel Gibson as John Smith (“Pocahontas”)

Bill Shirley as Prince Phillip (“Sleeping Beauty”)

Jonathan Groff as Kristoff (“Frozen”)

Tate Donovan as Hercules (“Hercules”)

Bruno Campos as Prince Naveen (“The Princess and the Frog”)

BD Wong as Li Shang (“Mulan”)

Tony Goldwyn as Tarzan (“Tarzan”)

(via 22Words)

Disney’s casting team is full of pure genius. Not only were the chosen actors nearly perfect matches for their roles, but are just as charming in real life! Although some of the actors have passed since the release of their respective films, the magic of the characters live on.