Not All Parents Will Throw A Party Like This For Their Daughter

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Many parents aren’t open to the idea of their kids coming out with regard to their sexuality. Some will be devastated and disappointed while others just find it too difficult to accept. But one family from New Jersey proved that accepting a loved one for who he or she really is can make a huge difference in their lives. To show their love and support, these parents threw their daughter a one of a kind party.

Meet 17-year-old Kinsey from New Jersey who recently came out to her parents.


Twitter: @notkinz 

Last weekend, her mom and dad told her they’re throwing an early 4th of July party. They told her to go with her cousin to the mall.

When she came back, she was very surprised!


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Their house was decorated with rainbows.


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There were rainbow foods too!


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She never thought her whole family had been planning this pride party for her. It was only last month that the tragic Pulse shootings happened and somehow, this gesture gave hope and joy to the rest of the community where she belongs.

Many expressed their joy and excitement over her party.


Twitter: @notkinz

Hopefully, Kinsey will have more Pride Parties to come.


Twitter: @notkinz

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Kinsey is very lucky to have such wonderful parents and family members who accept her for who she is. This only proves that love can indeed conquer all.