She Is The Oldest Woman In The World And Her Secret To Longevity Will Surprise You

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Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live to be a hundred years old or even to live past a hundred? It seems as though the people who live to be that age always have a secret to staying mentally and emotionally young. Emma Morano is no exception to that.

Morano is an Italian woman who celebrated her 117th birthday on November 29. She has the distinction of being the oldest woman alive…in the entire world. In fact, she became so last year when she turned 116. She has a secret to how she has live so long, and she has no problem telling people what that secret is.

Meet the oldest woman in the world, Emma Morano.

She recently turned 117 years old.


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Last year she was given an official certification for being the oldest woman alive.

She says her secret is that she’s been secret all of those years.


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She was forced into marriage at the age of 26. Her husband was abusive. After she lost her sixth-month-old baby, she managed to get out of the marriage and has stayed single since then.

She also eats two raw eggs for breakfast every single day. She’s done this for decades.


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Clearly these things have worked for her. It’s hard to argue with knowledge passed on from the oldest woman in the world!