She Painted A Galaxy That’s Only Visible In The Dark On This Little Boy’s Ceiling

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Many children have trouble sleeping in their own room, especially when it’s in a new place. When one moves with children, it has a much greater affect on the the child(ren) as it does on the adult(s). It can be traumatizing to a degree for a child to be uprooted from his or her home, moved to a new home, and to have to sleep in a new bedroom.

When Crispin Youn Wilson’s friend moved into a new place, and his son wouldn’t sleep in is own room, Crispin, an artist, was asked to help. She proceeded to paint an amazing starscape on the ceiling of the little boy’s room, and it’s only visible at night. Now the little boy has no trouble sleeping and even looks forward to going to bed!

Crispin Young Wilson is a hardware tech and an artist.

When a friend asked her to paint his son’s bedroom because the little boy didn’t want to sleep in his room, Wilson obliged.

She used glow-in-the-dark paint to create a masterpiece that’s only visible in the dark.

Here’s the result.

Wilson created quite the masterpiece.

Then it was time for little Ben to see this new addition to his room.

Everybody was eager to see his reaction.

His reaction was priceless.

He turned the switch on and off several times.

Now he can sleep peacefully at night.

Wilson was more than happy the little guy liked her work.

(via BoredPanda)

She should do this for a living. Who wouldn’t love looking up the stars before going to bed?